Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Set Design :: MACBETH

Shakespeare's MACBETH as performed by The Uprising Theatre Company. The Los Angeles Premiere is Saturday, Jan. 8, 2005 at the Court Theatre. The following are shots of the set as it looks in the theatre and a couple of me with the central staircase as it was being built and painted in my studio. Check out for more details.

Act I - Castle Courtyard, Staircase, Forest

Act I - Closeup of Staircase and Forest

Act II - Throne Room

Act II - Macbeth On Throne (Staircase in background)

Act II - Macbeth With Three Witches

Me with central staircase in my studio.


  1. Great work Brad!!!! It's cool to see the process you go through to come up with the final stage. You could start a company doing set designs!

    I look forward to seeing your work in person.

    Be well,

  2. Hi, Brad, it's Angie Cevallos. Just happen that I was looking at the postcard you sent to me from Salzburg and mentioned it to my office mate. Decided to show her your site and lo and behold there was your picture. FYI, I'm retiring from Hewitt 3/31/2005 after 13 years. Maybe like you, I'll become famous in my retirement years! Ha! Ha! You have my home e-mail, write back.