Sunday, June 2, 2013

Scenic Sculpting :: After Earth (2013)

I worked on this Will Smith / M. Night Shyamalan film from Nov 2011 - Mar 2012 on location in Philadelphia. Learned a lot and will be seeing the finished film myself in the coming week or two.

Ursa Pod. An organic looking cage to hold the beast.

We built two pods at the same time. Hollowing out the two large egg forms and adding all the details. The pristine one is pictured above, pre-crash. The fractured version, post-crash, is below.

This is a 24' vertical shaft where the actors race up toward the surface away from  danger. It had to have a completely removable corner quarter to allow for lighting and cameras.
Exterior face and entrance to the main cave.

Sample of rock formations in the top photo (from Iceland I believe) and how we free-sculpted the texture and style of rock for the cave exterior.
Me laying out the cave shown on the blueprint above.
The narrow cave near finished. This one had tight passageways that forced the actors (and the sculptors while making it) to duck, twist, and turn sideways when navigating from one end to the other. Like most set pieces, it needs to have modular wall sections that can slide in and out to allow for lighting and camera angles. The decks in the top photo had 14' tall walls added as an example .
Organic bone shapes of the crashed space ship. We developed a set of 3 sized and angled ball joints and legs which were cast in flexible foam and then cut to wrap the various diameter and compound curves of the steel tubing making up the structure of the ship.
Early stages of the cockpit of the spaceship. Foam overlapping steel. This entire structure was placed on a gimbal to allow for aggressive tilting and shifting of the entire ship during flight/crash.