Monday, April 24, 2017

Scenic Sculpting :: Kong: Skull Island (2015)

I joined a team of LA sculptors in Hawaii for "Kong: Skull Island". Our main task was to create a massive bone yard for the film which included, you guessed it, Kong-sized bones! Great project and got to help some very talented artisans on this one.

We had to re-assemble this skull after cutting it into pieces to get it out of the warehouse where it was built and on a truck to location. (NOTE: The skull is red due to spraying on a fire resistant coating to keep the foam underneath from melting when it gets hit by some pyrotechnic effects in the scene)
Yes, that's me on the Kong skull!

Gorgeous backdrop at Kualoa Ranch.

The finished skull after plaster and paint (FYI, that's the Location Manager  posing in the  jaws. We sculptors had completed our mission and were long gone by this point.)

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